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Three distinct formats

All Blipcard® and Cartão de Negócio® solutions can be adapted by users throughout their subscription period.

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PRO Version
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PRO Version
Domain Connect
from €3.99/month
Internet Domain • by default
Includes a dedicated Internet Domain
Unique Internet domain integrated with your cards and associated with your email accounts.
* Extension: *.eu, *.com”, *.net, *.pt ou *.tel
** Different extensions are available as an extra.
- - 1 × public
Initial Format • by default
Universal • Multilingual
Solution available in multilingual format at the very beginning of your subscription (1 card = 1 individual language).
* Extras are available.
- check check
By default • initial number of users
Number of users that are available at the beginning of your subscription (associated with the same customer and tax number).
* The number of users can be increased with an extra associated with the same customer and tax number.
1 × accessibility 1 × accessibility 1 × accessibility
By default • initial number of different languages
Total different languages that are available per user, right at the beginning of the subscription.
* Extras are available; includes your main language.
1 × record_voice_over 6 × record_voice_over 6 × record_voice_over
Dedicated email • optional
Includes simplified email accounts
Dedicated email service associated with your Internet Domain (simplified format).
* Extras are available.
- - check
Email accounts - simplified email
Email accounts available at the beginning of your subscription.
* Extras are available.
- - 2 × account_circle
Total space - simplified email
Total space available to use simplified email at the initial stage of your subscription.
* Extras are available.
- - 2 × 1GB
Microsoft Exchange Online®
Upgrade of your email accounts to the Microsoft Exchange Online® email service.
* Options: Plan 1 / Plan 2.
- - Available
Microsoft 365 Business®
Upgrade of your email service to the Microsoft 365 Business® solution (includes Office 365® applications, Microsoft Teams® and Exchange Online® email service, among others).
* Plans: Basic / Standard / Premium.
- - Available
Monthly changes • by default
Free monthly changes
Number of monthly changes included for managing information or electronic data associated with your cards.
* 1 change = 1 business day of changes
** An extra is available as an option.
1 × font_download 3 × font_download 5 × font_download
Limitation by card • interactivity
Function - "Telephone Contact"
Limit number of contacts per URI connection available on each individual card.
2 × phone 10 × phone no limit
Function - "Send Message"
Limit number of email, chat and social network addresses available per individual card.
* Combined total sum of all.
4 × chat 10 × chat no limit
Function - "Maps & Directions"
Limit number of external links for use of navigation and geolocation systems.
* Three predefined systems.
3 × near_me 5 × near_me 5 × near_me
File format - "Documents & Files"
File formats that can be used on each individual card.
* VCard file and PDF / PNG card don't count.
- PDF attach_file PDF, ZIP attach_file
PDF / ZIP file size limit
Maximum size per ZIP file or PDF file.
* VCard file and PDF / PNG card don't count.
- 2MB / per file 4MB / per file
Total space - "Documents & Files"
Total space that is available, by default, for storing PDF or ZIP documents (across all cards combined).
* Extras are available.
- 128MB folder 256MB folder
Available QR codes
Number of QR codes that are displayed on each individual card (1 × High-Resolution; 1 × Screen / Mobile)..
* Available for transfer and printing.
2 × qr_code 2 × qr_code 2 × qr_code
Print format • optional
8.0cm × 4.0cm foldable business cards*
A4 sheet in PDF / PNG format available for printing at home, in the office or at printing centers.
* Predefined graphic format.
- check check
Traditional 8.5cm × 5.5cm business cards*
A4 sheet in PDF / PNG format available for printing at home, in the office or at printing centers.
* Predefined graphic format.
- check check
Printable files*
Two PNG files with dimension "80mm × 40mm" and dimension "85mm × 55mm", respectively.
* Predefined graphic format.
- check check
Experimental functions • optional
"Private-lock" function
Access to the function of restricting access to telephone contacts and email addresses through password lock.
* In experimental format (Beta).
- check check
Addition of "Snippets"
Use of "snips" for extension or provision of additional information (of a quick, complementary, or specific nature) arranged on individual micro-pages that are separate from the URL of your cards.
* In experimental format (Beta); available as an extra (may incur an additional subscription fee).
check check check
Multi-cards • optional
Upgrade to Multi-cards
Solution upgrade to multi-cards format with the addition of users associated with the same customer and tax number.
* Value for each individual pack subscribed (consult a Pulsaris assistant).
- available
Cards available in each pack group_add
Total number of cards that is included in each pack (shown in the previous line).
* For each individual pack subscribed.
- assignment_ind × 36
(6 cards × 6 languages)
assignment_ind × 36
(6 cards × 6 languages)
Promotional offers • by default
Discount on ESET® software
Single discount value for ESET® security software subscription (remains valid as long as you have our active solution).
* Limit of €50.00 for the total discount amount.
Pulsaris® gift card
Additional discount voucher for purchase of ESET® security software or use in a subscription of an "extra".
* Voucher assigned at each renewal..
- €2.50
(gift voucher)
(gift voucher)
Subscription fee
Annual subscription* • 12 months
* If not entitled to VAT exemption, current legal VAT rate is applied to all values shown. We're located in Lisbon (mainland Portugal) which has a 23.0% VAT rate at this current date.
free €23.88 / year * €47.88 / year *
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