Cartão de Negócio® – Ideal solution for professional and business activities

Three distinct formats

Blipcard® and Cartão de Negócio® solutions can be adapted by users throughout their subscription and tailored to them.

Version €1.99€/month
Connect €3.99€/month
Domain €7.99€/month
Default formats
A) Main language only: 1 card 1 card 12 cards
B) Main language + 1 other language: 2 cards 2 cards 24 cards
C) Main language + 2 other languages: 3 cards 3 cards 36 cards
D) Main language + 3 other languages: 4 cards 4 cards not included
E) Main language + 4 other languages: 5 cards 5 cards not included
F) Main language + 5 other languages: 6 cards 6 cards not included
Default Features
Maximum initial default languages (predefined per user): 6 6 3
Option to increase individual users: not available available available
Includes a unique Internet domain:
* Domain extension: .com, .net, .org, .pt, .eu ou .tel
no yes yes
Free monthly changes included: 3 5 5
URI Links • Voice / Video no limit no limit no limit
URI Links • Messge / Chat no limit no limit no limit
URI Links • Maps & Directions no limit no limit no limit
vCard files
PDF / PNG files • 2 Business Cards:
QR Codes • 1000px (High-definition):
QR Codes • 250px (Screen / Mobile):
Monthly Internet Traffic: no limit no limit no limit
Server Space Available
Virtual briefcase (total space): 128MB 256MB 512MB
File types available (virtual briefcase): PDF PDF, ZIP PDF, ZIP
Maximum size per document: 2MB 4MB 4MB
Total space for "simplified email": - 2 GB 4 GB
Number of "simplified email" accounts: - 2 × 1GB 4 × 1GB
E-mail • Microsoft Exchange Online® - Extras Extras
E-mail • Microsoft Office 365® Business - Extras Extras
Print Format
Business Card - 80 mm x 40 mm
Business Card - 85 mm x 55 mm
Business Card Printing Services Separate Separate Separate
NFC® Kits for Daily Use Separate Separate Separate
Vouchers & Promotional Offers
1 × Pulsaris® Voucher
* Terms and conditions apply.
not available 1 × 5,00€ 1 × 10,00€
Immediate discount on ESET® software
* Single use via Pulsaris; maximum limit of €150.00 in your total discount amount.
5,0% 7,5% 10,0%
Available extras (at additional cost)
Increase in monthly available changes: available available available
Adding even more languages: available available available
Adding more unique users: no available available
Increase in total available space for your virtual briefcase: available available available
Increase in total available space for the "simplified email" service: no available available
Increase in total number of available email accounts: no available available
Add more accounts • Exchange Online® no available available
Experimental features
"Private-lock" • experimental available available available
Progressive Web App (PWA) • experimental no available available
Web Bundle file format • experimental no soon soon
Subscription Fees*
Annual subscription* • 12 months €1.99 / month €3.99 / month €7.99 / month
Two-Year subscription* • 24 months €1.66 / month €3.49 / month €7.49 / month
Three-Year subscription* • 36 months €1.33 / month unavailable unavailable
* If not entitled to VAT exemption, current legal VAT rate is applied to all values shown.
Mainland Portugal - VAT Rate of 23.0%.
Individual Domain Connect Multi-user Domain