Frequently Asked Questions

* Cartão de Negócio® and Blipcard® are solutions provided by pulsaris.


How are cards managed?

Digital business cards are managed by email message, with no direct intervention by users. This feature allows for a substantial reduction of server resources, making the solution more economical and more ecological.

Are business cards useful for publicizing my activity?

Yes, the reduced size format allows for more efficient indexing as it is a predefined format with several optimization features for search engines and internet browsers.

Furthermore, visitors can easily find their contacts and other relevant data more quickly and efficiently.

What is the purpose of data domiciliation?

The domiciliation of information and data allows the storage of essential information on the Internet so that visitors can easily find the micro-website of our clients' business or professional activity. The information is thus displayed in an accessible format that quickly enables the use of contacts and other relevant commercial identification elements.

Are my cards free?

No, the cards have a reduced subscription cost starting at a reference value of €0.99/month plus VAT (for a two-year subscription). The solution is available in three different formats.

Does the solution incorporate advertising on my card?

No, we have taken the option from the beginning not to incorporate advertising on our customers' individual cards.

I have other questions that don't appear here.

You can submit them through the email addresses: ou

Comparative table

The characteristics of the cards are available in a comparative table with different versions of Cartão de Negócio and Blipcard.