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This is a service established since 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Your business card optimized for mobile phones.

It's inexpensive, eco-friendly and doesn't have printing costs.*

Just €29.90 / year (VAT inc.).

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* No printing costs on paper.

What is this service and to whom is it intended? is the european version of an e-card hosting service provided by Pulsaris® in Portugal since the year 2010. The service is commercially registered in our country as "Cartão de Negócio®" which stands for "Card of Business". This is a transliteration from portuguese. Its expression is actually quite similar to the meaning of a regular "business card" in paper, but only just about that.

Our cards are available on a electronic format with interactive functions and advanced device compatibility. Our service was developed in the year 2010 and allows us to overcome many of the limitations that business cards in physical format get on printed paper or plastic material.

The fundamental principle of our service is the portability and interoperability of user data with as many devices as possible with access to the Internet. Its distinctive format allows Cartão de Negócio® to be used as a standalone and cross-platform application in virtually all Internet browsers with HTML5 and Javascript support.

A real alternative to printed business cards

The service is a great alternative to traditional business cards as it has no space limit for content and incorporates interaction features with all of your contact data. It's also greener and quite inexpensive.

For only € 2.49 / month, these arguments become almost by themselves enough to make this an obvious choice over traditional business cards that are printed on paper or plastic.

Plus, you can get VAT exemption if you have a VAT Number validated by the european VIES system.

* Value for an annual subscription of € 29.90 (already with VAT included).

No limitations on the text and your contact information

Forget the physical limitations that are typically presented by print centers and traditional business cards. With our service this limit does not exist and you can add an endless number of contacts and electronic data that you usually could not put on a physical card.

Like traditional business cards, our business cards also have a "front" and "a back side" where you can place all the text information you want. In the entry section you can also put an original image of high resolution and photographic quality to give a different air to your professional activity.

Small size and interoperability philosophy

The application has an extremely small size (less than 600KB) and allows to incorporate the simplest interaction functions into an interactive micro-website with an adaptive visual format.

The interoperability of our service is a feature of high importance given that from the outset that the cards can be accessed using only one browser (an Internet browser). Browsers are present in virtually all operating systems that allow access to the World Wide Web and this is how we have been in the current year 2010 without recourse to proprietary application stores.

In addition, since February 2018, we have been using almost an open-source framework that will allow simplified and more efficient access to all our cards, regardless of their format. The conversion was made with relative ease given the exclusive use of Javascript language, CSS and HTML5 and also offers other security conditions in relation to the updates in Javascript frameworks.

* We have started using Bootstrap® (belongs to the Twitter Inc.®) as a development framework and we are now subject to a MIT and CC BY 3.0 license (you can read all in our terms of service).

Forget the proprietary store applications

Cartão de Negócio® waives the installation of a dedicated application because it works just like a website. Your Internet browser is enough application for access from anywhere in the world.

Access is thus universal and guaranteed to billions of users. So that they find you on the Internet your visitors can view and interact quickly with all the information that is presented on the card.

All the versatility of a new generation website

Your cards work just like an interactive website that automatically adapts to the screens of your visitors' devices. Adaptive visual formatting features ensure that these are presented according to the screen resolution and physical proportion of your users' devices.

This feature allows our cards to be easily viewed on small screens (cell phones, smartphones), medium size (tablets), large size (laptops, desktops, game consoles) or "very large" screens HD, 4K televisions, cinema projectors).

Arrangement with "front" and "back side"

As we mentioned earlier, our format simulates a sheet of paper presenting a front and a back that are accessible from the menu presented to the users in the upper right, similar to a website.

However, unlike an A4 sheet, our users benefit from a virtually unlimited space to place the text content they desire without this having a relevant impact on the loading of all information provided on their business card.

Plus, all the original information is indexed on the Internet so that millions of people can easily find your card, including the contacts and interactive data you decide to make public.

Available in multi-language format with the "Universal" function

The "universal" function allows you to use multiple foreign languages simultaneously, which you would not be able to achieve on a physical card with limited space. With a click or a tap on the "universal" interactive button, your users have access to the languages they want to incorporate into their card. At the moment, we have available in and all official languages of the European Union plus Mandarin, Russian, Hindi, Arabic and Japanese.

This function is particularly useful in international conferences or when in transit at an airport, for example.

No ads or any kind of advertisements in your subscrition

The space on the card is yours during the subscription period so it would not make sense to appear an advertising space where other businesses are disclosed, some of them that could even be competitors to their own activity. Be rested, in our service we do not incorporate advertising in the space of the cards.

Plus, if you cancel your subscription we proceed to the prompt removal of the data on the card so that it is no longer available for indexing on the Internet. Please note, however, that this act does not contemplate the removal of the information contained in search engines or other services that are unrelated to us.

The value of your subscription is the main source of revenue and monetization of the space you use through our service.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Our "cards" are programmed with HTML5 language and Javascript similar to all the websites that are regularly developed by Pulsaris®. The development team has W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards and follows all the recommendations recommended by the most popular search engines.

We have used search engine optimization (SEO) to provide the correct indexing and categorization by search providers. The use of this methodology is extremely advantageous for all our users since this is a crucial element in the effective dissemination of their activity on the Internet.

Keep in mind that our strategy is long term so we do not resort to obscure techniques of projecting your space on the Internet. The text content is very important so you should prepare all relevant information and your original texts with special attention and dedication.

Greener, less waste of material

Use this service as a supplement or even a substitute for prints on paper or plastic material. With the virtually unlimited number of cards and the total storage capacity of our service, the ecological footprint and the inherent pollution can decrease considerably compared to the traditional physical format.

Plus, a physical card has to be always delivered to someone. Not moving from one place to another results in fewer car journeys and less waste of physical material that is forever "in one corner".

Imagine that, in another example, a national congress leaves about 250 cards on a bench so that they can be picked up and that all of them were picked up at the end of the day of their professional activity.

Do you know how much material you used at the end of this day?

That's right, you ended up using more than 1m² (one square meter) of printed paper or plastic. Add the monetary cost to your cards, the undetermined amount of printing ink, and an unspecified amount of electrical power that was used during the production of your paper or printed plastic cards.

If you use Cartão de Negócio® regularly, it's naturally more economical and certainly greener than the number of cards you will print in a whole year.*

* It's not valid if your printing expenditure is less than € 29.90 in a whole year.

European Digital Initiative

The European Union (EU) has always assumed itself as a precursor to sustained development and as a guarantor and security of the rights of its citizens. The EU is an active part in "digital integration" and encourages the use of new technologies in creating employment and business opportunities among the 500 million people residing within its borders.

Learn everything at:

We're more than 500 million citizens

We're a family of more than 500 million citizens and the universe of mobile users on the European Union is growing everyday. You can catch the "digital train" and have a saying in this huge mobile market with our eco-friendly solution.

We have translation for all the official languages that are recognized by the European Union, including regional languages or dialects that we will gladly apply in your own card to grow even more diversity.

Although we provide a service, we want to welcome you in our own particular warm and friendly way.

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VAT exemption available for valid VAT numbers.

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Responsive Web App

"Cartão de Negócio" adapts naturally to all screen formats.

Starting from the small screen of your smartwach, from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to the large 4K televisions and virtual reality devices that are in your visitors' living rooms. Comfort and visual acuity are guaranteed by the adaptability of the cards.

* Your device requires an Internet browser (browser) with HTML technology to access the cards (preferably HTML5 and Javascript).

Multiplatform and independent

By using HTML5 technology, we ensure compatibility with an infinity of operating systems that have an Internet browser and use a connection that supports SSL security certificates.

Easily free yourself from the stores of "apps" and systems that do not allow the use of external applications.

* Since our initial phase, in the year 2010, that the service is accessible on the Internet to all users.

"Go Factory", Rua do Açúcar n.º 76-14, 1950-009 Lisboa, Portugal

(We don't have customer service to general public at this location).

Email address: • Website:

Phone numbers: (+351) 218 230 433(+351) 916 619 696


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