A service with numerous advantages

We've got at least 64 reasons for choosing our service

If you find a different reason, please email us at support@blipcard.eu and we will add another six months free of charge to your first subscription.

01 recent_actors

Be present on the Internet and make yourself known to your potential customers

Blipcard® has been available on the Internet since 2010 - as Cartão de Negócio® - and for over twelve consecutive years has been continuously enabling the sharing of information between our users of our business cards and their visitors.

The information is made available through a small Web App* in an adaptive visual format with a high level of compatibility and with the possibility of adding additional files (such as vCard or QR Code files).

* The micro-application uses, as of today, HTML5 language, CSS3 and JavaScript combined with the use of complementary technologies.

02 cloud

Your business cards are available in the "cloud"

Your professional information is made available and stored on one or more Internet servers that comply with computing principles distributed by various points.

These are solutions commonly referred to as the "cloud" or the "technology cloud".

The use of your business cards can be carried out using a smartphone or another electronic device with Internet access through a web browser with support for HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

03 airplanemode_active

It's available 365 days a year anywhere in the world*

Keep your information available to your customers and partners throughout the day, including their weekends, holidays, and vacation periods.

The information is always available to be found by potential customers or partners anywhere in the world*, whether you are in your normal rest period or carrying out your professional and/or business activity.

* In locations with Internet access (via landline, mobile, WiFi or satellite).

04 developer_mode

The ideal solution for tablets, folding phones and smartphones

Our solution works just as well on your computer as it does on your mobile phone. The application follows the "mobile first" format and is optimized for the Internet browsers of almost all smartphones and mobile devices on the market.

Having your data quickly at hand and with various electronic sharing options*, this is the ideal option for a quick exchange of contacts between two or more people.

* Sharing can easily be done with NFC® technology, QR code scanning, email messaging, Bluetooth® sharing, chat messaging, and more (among other means made possible by electronic equipment or physical objects).

05 accessibility

WAI - Accessibility (100/100)

In February 2018 we integrated the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code of all cards into a programming architecture called Bootstrap® for compatibility and security purposes.

A significant portion of the code has thus been subject to an MIT* license, as this portion of code belongs to Twitter Inc. and its development team under the public terms defined by that same license.

The fourth version of this architecture allows us to reach the goal of 100% in Google® Accessibility tests with this significant portion of code added. Using the parameters defined by the W3C® WAI that are incorporated in the "Lighthouse Accessibility" test.

The other portions of code - our responsibility - also maintain the target at 100% accessibility index, being regularly tested through the Lightouse® application available on Google Chrome DevTools®.

* MIT License (Bootstrap): https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/blob/master/LICENSE

06 record_voice_over

Virtual Assistants

The information of our cards is easily identifiable by the new artificial intelligence algorithms of the most popular virtual assistants on the market.

Voice commands enable access to your card through the search engines used by your virtual assistant and can find and interpret the information contained therein.*

* Virtual assistant users assigned to Apple Siri®, Amazon Alexa®, Microsoft Cortana®, or Google Assistant® technologies.

07 settings_input_antenna

5G technology

Since 2020, fifth-generation mobile networks have made it possible to use bandwidth more efficiently, while at the same time providing a higher volume of data transfer per second (raw and according to their technical specifications).

The reduced size of the Web App and the caching technology allow us to achieve efficiency gains against larger data pages, saving your data ceiling.

Through our Web Hosting providers, we also make it possible to use HTTP/2.0 technology, Brotli compression and "multicast" technology to accelerate data transmission and thus provide an almost instantaneous mobile loading experience (under ideal conditions).

The PRO Version (Domain Connect) also allows the use of identical features* to those available in Web Hosting solutions for Pulsaris customers.

* The Microsoft Azure® is only available in "Advance Solutions" from Pulsaris on the PRO Version (Domain Connect).

08 ac_unit

More environmentally friendly than inked paper materials and other organic / inorganic materials.

This may be a matter of wide debate, but the fact is that the use of electronic contact means enables more efficient use of resources.

Take as an example the case of electronic mail versus paper mail. Today, it is of broad consensus that e-mail messages (e-mail) allow for more effective and swift use of this formal contact medium.

The same may apply to electronic business cards compared to paper or plastic business cards. The use of an electronic medium is more effective and faster than the use of a physical medium, but only if the electronic medium meets certain principles of energy efficiency.

The analogy with the advantages of e-mail is only valid if the solution follows programming principles that allow savings in the number of resources and data required for the electronic representation of a digital business card.

Our Blipcard® and Cartão de Negócio® solutions comply with several principles of rationality and efficiency when used and analyzed in practice.

Our last test on December 4, 2019 on the GTmetrix® service allows us to deliver the following results against the international average:

  • 94.2% reduction in total data.
  • 67.2% reduction in total full transfer time.
  • 90.0% reduction in the total number of requests.

* Analysis of @maryland on December 4, 2019 through the GTmetrix® service.

09 supervisor_account

Modernize and innovate in front of your customers and business partners

Distinguish yourself from your competition by betting on a digital medium. The diffusion is made with a constant presence on the Internet and using state-of-the-art sharing media such as NFC, QR Code, vCard 3.0 and URI connections.

PFor customers who can't abandon their physical business cards once and for all, we offer two custom versions - for printing at a location of their choice - with physical dimensions of 8.5cm x 5.5cm and 8.0cm x 4.0cm (both foldable in half).

* Responsible use of physical business cards is encouraged through the use of a QR code and optional integration of an NFC sticker, and it is preferable for its use to be reduced to zero.

10 highlight_off highlight_off

No advertisements embedded in your space

Be rested, we do not incorporate or use any kind of advertising or distraction in the business cards space that are allocated to you during your subscription period.

www.blipcard.eu » without advertising.

www.blipcard.net » without advertising.

www.cartao.eu » without advertising.

www.cartao.tel » without advertising.

The value of subscriptions is the only source of monetization at these addresses.

11 trending_down

Works well on networks with poor mobile coverage or extremely limited data connections.

We regularly perform a set of tests and simulations on mobile networks with 2G transfer speeds (yes, second generation mobile).

As a whole, our card takes about 7 seconds* to fully load on its first non-cached access and about 2/3 seconds * on subsequent cached accesses to different cards from the same Internet domain.

This is only possible because a card only makes 9 requests to "capture" about 450KB to 600KB of data (including presentation image, icons and JavaScript files).

Plus, with current browser compression algorithms the downloaded size can be reduced to almost 55.0% of the original size of all combined files. That is, a value often below 250KB of data transferred (0.25MB).

* The experience can be reproduced by anyone with Mozilla® Network Monitor®, available on the Firefox® Web browser. If you perform this test reduce the transfer speed to "Regular 2G" or "Good 2G" transfer speed. You can also reproduce this test "live" in a location with poor coverage.

12 select_all

Data cache and compression

Our hosting servers are configured with caching instructions that enable more efficient use of load times across multiple visits or different cards within the same domain.

These settings prevent repeated loading of duplicate files and make it easier to use resources on mobile networks and resource-constrained devices.

Images and graphics also feature a data compression pretreatment that allows a considerable reduction in the final size of these contents.

Our guiding principle is to occupy a smaller total size than a 1.44MB floppy disk, which still gives us plenty of room for maneuver today. In total we occupy between 450KB to 600KB of data per digital business card.

13 watch_later

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

"Progressive Web Apps" (PWA) are an experimental format that lets you store cards on your phone in a format equivalent to a native app.

Our solution allows the implementation of this feature - in experimental format - in Domain Connect. The individual version does not allow the implementation of the Progressive Web App (PWA) function because of its cache features.

Individual Version » not available (standard cache)

PRO Version » not available (standard cache)

PRO Version (Domain Connect) » PWA (experimental)

If you are interested in using Progressive Web App's, you can consult the information provided by Google® at: https://developers.google.com/web/progressive-web-apps/ and ask us to use it in experimental format (Beta).

14 flip_to_front

Make use of a "front side" and a "reverse side"

If a sheet of paper has two sides, why not have two sides on digital business cards as well?

Our users have two sides labeled "front" and "reverse side" to provide the most relevant information for their customers and partners.

Information can be freely divided between these two spaces, with the front being the privileged space for interactive and multimedia information presentation.

The division into two abstract spaces allows for the incorporation of twice the relevant written information for a correct indexing* of your business card by Internet search engines.

* Published information must be genuine and directly related to your activity and may be rejected if it consists solely of a random and / or excessive set of generic keywords and terms.

15 font_download

Write without text limitations

The most obvious difference between paper and digital formats is that there is no limit of information that can be arranged in digital format.

In paper format there is an obvious physical limit to the amount of text that is embeddable. Once this limit is exceeded, information becomes simply unreadable, however sharp and visually defined the impression may be.

In our solution there is no text limit, so users can "let go" of their imagination and write whatever they want.

Unlike physical versions, users have complete freedom of writing and creative leeway since text space is virtually unlimited and characters are always legible to their customers and partners.

* Important: Do not copy content or information for which you do not own intellectual property, intellectual property conflicts may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of your subscription (no right to refund in case of recurrence of this copyright infringement).

16 rowing

No need for app stores

Smartphone usage statistics are almost consensual regarding the number of users using app stores. Half of users make marginal use of available applications.

If we depended on a proprietary application that was available at an application store, we could never reach these users.

This is one of the great advantages of using a Web App. A properly configured mobile phone and a web browser are more than enough to access our service.

Forget the frenzy of proprietary application stores. Your visitors, customers, and partners do not need any additional applications to access their cards. Access to these is universal.

17 video_label

Accessible from HD, 4K and 8K format smart TVs

Multimedia televisions with intelligent interaction and navigation systems became a market standard in 2019.

A portion of these TV's have either integrated internet browsing software or an external multimedia enhancement with a browser and web browsing capabilities.

Access to cards from this kind of TV equipment is simple, and our users can even be found via remote controls with voice search and controls.

Well, don't neglect the "couch browser users". Our solution allows your information to be displayed on the television screen of these "new" visitors.

18 important_devices

Easily fits all types of displays, including dual-screen displays

The adaptive visual format (responsive design) ensures presentation on screens of different resolutions and physical proportions.

The feature is particularly useful when highly portable devices are handled with a 90° or 270° rotational motion by the users.

One such example is when a tablet moves from a vertical position to a horizontal position and vice versa.

The adaptive format of our cards also ensures seamless integration with dual-screen devices in multitasking work mode.

19 code

The versatility of a website

The entire micro-application is arranged as a website on your device and its reading is done through an Internet browser, without relying on the operating system's proprietary programming languages.

Data processing is performed quickly with 9 requests for information from the server to read less than 1MB of data (between 450 to 600KB of data).

Further, all information is indexable by search engines and interactive data triggers commands on devices and their operating systems through a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) command system.

20 nfc

Compatible and integrable with NFC radio communication

The solution is easily integrable with NFC devices, tags and cards.

NFC technology, broadly referred to as Near-field Communication, allows you to incorporate your card's URL data into a physical object or any other device that transmits data by radio.

* The short URL address size allows integration with limited space NFC chips and the existence of a vCard file allows the integration of this data as an alternative to the URL address.

21 nfc

Tap your phone on another phone to share your card...

NFC technology gives you one-touch data sharing between two phones with the same or even different operating systems.

Among these options, when allowed by devices, you can immediately share your card with someone else who has a device with this technology.

You can even share it with a user who has a device with an operating system totally different from yours.

For example, in our tests we often switch between systems running Android Beam® and Windows 10 Mobile®.

22 nfc

... or touch someone else's phone with a physical object or NFC tag

Yes, you can also use NFC technology on a physical object that activates when a radio-capable device is approached. This technology is present in a growing number of smartphones and other computer equipment.

One of the most common applications is to incorporate this data into an individual business card that can be reused thousands of times with your customers and partners.

Another of the most common applications is the incorporation of an NFC tag into an exhibition product or at a fixed location where users can interact with this technology and save their card for later reference.

23 find_in_page

SEO - Online Search Engine Optimization

The Internet is a privileged mean of spreading the cards and the information provided by our users.

For the best results, we use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to enable correct indexing and dissemination on the most popular search providers.

For this purpose we use only official programming standards and techniques provided by suppliers.

* We do not use malicious techniques and do not allow the tampering of information by our users. Tampering with information from our users may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of their subscription.

24 emoji_people

Don't focus all your attention on face-to-face card delivery

Forget the frantic and rampant delivery of cards to all the people you consider that can contact you in the near future

Internet users can easily find it on the Internet and find out about all the information on your card. All this while you are focused on your most important activities.

What's more, at "more leisurely" times, you can easily share your cards on social networks or post them to your professional contact networks.

25 insert_chart

The return is faster because of the low value of your subscription

In the Individual Version - with only one individual card - the reference fee is €0.00/month for a year of subscription.

Therefore, to recover the amount paid for the subscription every year, you only need one commercial act that results in a net value of more than €1.00 within 365 days and that results from interactions with your cards .*

A similar thinking can be applied to the PRO and PRO (Domain Connect) versions that have other additional advantages, in which case the net annual value, resulting from interactions with cards, should in the Portuguese example be greater than € 30.00 per year and to € 60.00 per year, respectively.*

If you get a quick return on your subscription, this alone can mean a great investment in your commercial visibility and / or professional activity.

* Important: this is an example of using the service for advertising purposes in the predefined versions, and is in no way related to a kind of investment, sales scheme or financial product, among others.

** If not entitled to VAT exemption, current legal VAT rate is applied to all values shown.

26 golf_course

In our view, it is undoubtedly a great deal

The rates that are set for Blipcard® and Cartão de Negócio® solutions are commensurate with what you are offered. All this with the advantages associated with it.

Individual Version » free subscription.

PRO Version » €1.99/month (1 year).

PRO (Domain Connect) » €3.99/month (1 year).

The Individual Version is the most economical and can be subscribed for only 99 cents* per month in the subscription mode for one year.

Certainly we will not be the only ones to think that this is a good deal for those who have 365 full days to use this solution to publicize their professional activity.

* If not entitled to VAT exemption, current legal VAT rate is applied to all values shown.

27 sync_disabled

The number of visitors is not counted towards the final value of your subscription.

Our users have no established visit limitation on the use of their virtual cards.

Visits can be seen as the physical delivery of cards as each unique view will provide an individual person with an individual card and all the information associated with it.

However, do not confuse individual visits with virtual impressions which are the number of times a user will be able to view your card. That is, they may see your card more than once.

Even so, as you may guess, this number is not counted either and is included in the final value of your subscriptions.


Embrace the "European Digital Initiative"

The European Union has always assumed itself as a precursor to sustainable development and as a guarantee and security of its citizens' rights.

The European Union is an active player in "digital integration" and encourages the use of new technologies to create employment and business opportunities among the 447 million people residing within its borders.

Blipcard® and Cartão de Negócio® are products that encourage the use of new technologies. The management of its contents is carried out without the direct interaction of users, thus allowing access to this service by citizens who are not familiar with Information Technologies.

Official information available at: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en


Digital economy and society statistics

Widespread and affordable broadband access is one of the means of promoting a knowledge-based and informed society. Broadband was by far the most common form of internet access in all EU Member States: it was used by 86 % of the households in the EU-28 in 2018...

... use of the internet while on the move, in other words when away from home or work, for example, using the internet on a portable computer or handheld device via a mobile or wireless connection. The figure compares 2013 data, when 43 % of individuals aged 16 to 74 within the EU-28 used a mobile device to connect to the internet, with 2018 data, by which time this share had risen to 69 %.

The most common mobile devices for internet connections were mobile or smart phones, laptops, and tablet computers.

30 record_voice_over

The domain ".eu" is a distinctive factor in the European market

Use your domain ".eu" in your daily life, this domain extension is globally accepted and is easily recognised by the almost 500 million Internet users residing in the European Union.

Moreover, if you want to use an ".eu" domain, with the new 2019 rules EU citizens no longer need to have permanent residence within the European Union area. This will allow you to use your ".eu" card whether you are in the United States, Japan, Australia or any other country on our planet.

* The PRO Version (Domain Connect) also offers the possibility to subscribe to a unique and fully customized Internet domain with the extension ".eu" at no extra-cost for you or your company.

31 storefront

Quickly reduce waste on paper, ink or plastic material

A significant percentage of people make their cards unusable in the first act and without using them at least once.

If they do not enter the recycling circuit, they will simply generate waste of materials and cause an environmental impact which is, at worst, harmful to all.

With our virtual cards, those who have no interest "go their own way" using only 9 requests and between 450KB and 600KB of Internet data.

That is, neither paper nor ink nor plastic material was sacrificed. Waste of this material has been reduced to zero with the electronic use of a low cost version for card holders.

32 account_balance

Save money and avoid spending on ink modules and other printing materials

Give a little help to the environment and your wallet.

Our cards are virtual and do not use inks or printing materials because all the elements that compose them are displayed on an electronic screen that can be "reused" wide thousands of times.

Moreover, the few resources required for micro-application execution mean much lower energy consumption than the average required for competing solutions (from a user's perspective and device).

Please note that we still generate electricity costs, but that they are residual when calculated in large hundreds of thousands and compared with an equivalent number of cards printed in physical form.

33 local_florist

Environmental protection against printing on paper or plastic

The CO² footprint of our service is associated with energy use in our administrative services, the resources of our computers and hosting servers, the "server housing" cooling infrastructure and in other bureaucratic procedures.

However, with an increasing number of business cards, with shared Internet services and with a high number of visitors* the environmental footprint is clearly lower than the printing process associated of a full-time production center that prints physical cards.

* For example, in a direct comparison between 1 million business cards printed on ink in a commercial establishment and 1 million individual visitors on a virtual card located on a sustainable electricity-consuming Internet server.

34 hearing

Your address is easy to remember.

Like the Portuguese version, our address is easy to memorize for users.

The expression "blip" is easily in the ear and is a direct allusion to the small dots that appear on a radar to identify the presence of something or someone.

We give a hypothetical example of a user of our service. This card belongs to one of our favorite stores in Ericeira, which had the opportunity to test our solution in its early stages.

Here's the example:

"- Hello, our card address is 'blip' 'card' 'dot' 'eu' 'slash' 'maryland'. There you can get our contacts and our store's postal address. Thank you very much, have a nice day."

You just gave this address: blipcard.eu/maryland

35 bookmark

Save them to your favorites or add them to your phone's home screen

Cards can be safeguarded in the bookmarks or "favorites" section of your device or computer.

The proprietary features of various devices even allow you to store the connection in your device's main screen, side by side with applications that are natively installed on your device. They'll be just "one touch" way from you.

With the 2017 update, cards are identified by the green icon " " for your main language and a blue icon " " for all your secondary and foreign languages.

36 import_contacts

Save contact details directly in your phonebook with vCard files

Phone and email data can be quickly safeguarded in the phone book of native-supported vCard phones.

Data can also be easily stored in your e-mail management application.

VCard 3.0 files are available in your briefcase and even have an image associated with your activity that is displayed in applications such as Microsoft Office Outlook®, Mozilla Thunderbird® or Apple Mail®.

37 pin_drop pin_drop pin_drop

Three predefined geolocation maps

To ensure compatibility with as many devices as possible, we always integrate into our cards three distinct geolocation services that interact according to your visitors' operating system settings.

Card integration is done via URL / URI links to three services with distinct proprietary applications: Google Maps®, Microsoft Bing Maps®, and the HERE WeGo® navigation system.

The functionality can even be extended to more geolocation services of your choice.

* Privacy: if you do not use or do not want to share the location of your activity, you can easily disable this feature and inform visitors of your privacy option.

38 near_me near_me near_me

Works with geolocation navigation GPS navigation system

When configured in this way, the URI link system triggers the native features of your preferred GPS navigation or mobile data triangulation navigation application.

Users will be able to easily use the proprietary navigation system to reach the geographic destination you indicated on one of your cards.

39 help_outline

Avoid the forgetfulness....

Did you ever forget to bring your business cards to a partner meeting or customer meeting?

To us yes, in the past...

Avoid this possibility, even if you have forgotten your mobile phone too... just enter your URL address or type it in your client or partner's notebook.

You also have the option of NFC bracelets that accompany you throughout the day and that allow you to exchange your contacts by radio by radio frequency.

40 clear_all

A simplified URL address with few letters on "paper"

Our base address consists of only eight letters referring to the expression "blipcard" and two more letters referring to the extension "eu".

A short URL address is useful and effective for users, especially when it is a word with a high linguistic value.

If you choose a multilingual version, foreign and secondary language versions may freely use the address "blipcard" or "cartao".

* The last word - "cartão" - stands for the word "card" in portuguese and it's recognized in a universe of more the 300 million portuguese native speakers around the World.

41 language add_circle_outline add_circle_outline

Associate an Internet domain to your cards

Our PRO (Domain Connect) version enables the use of Web Hosting features, functions and extras from Pulsaris®.

With an Internet domain assigned exclusively to your solution you will be able to use fully personalized email addresses that exactly match the identity of your business or professional activity.

You can even integrate a Microsoft 365® or Exchange Online® solution into your PRO (Domain Connect) subscription.

Individual Version » not available

PRO Version » not available

PRO (Domain Connect) » 1 Internet domai *

* Offer of an individual domain with one of the following extensions: .com, .net, .pt, .eu or .tel (valid during the subscription period and subject to legal terms of use).

42 attach_file

Easily use a document holder for your document and file attachments

Our solution contains a variable capacity document holder whose available space allows the addition of files in PDF format and/or ZIP format.

Individual Version » not available

PRO Version » 128MB total (only PDF / 2MB per file)

PRO (Domain Connect) » 256MB total (PDF & ZIP / 4MB per file)

In the document holder, the vCard file that is associated with the user and their respective 8.5cm x 5.5cm format business card in PDF format are always available in the document holder. Unless you choose not to.

Your PDF files are attached in this format. Documents originating in productivity software such as Microsoft Office®, Apple iWork®, or LibreOffice® are attached to ZIP files that you can decompress from your device.

With this feature you will be able to add and accompany yourself with a set of documents related to your business or professional activity, which are limited only by the storage capacity defined in your subscription version or by your extra available space.

* Comparison available at: https://www.blipcard.eu/pricing.html.

43 texture

Use the QR codes that are available in two formats

Each individual card has a dedicated QR code (QR Code) available in two different sizes.

The QR Code is available in "Screen / Mobile" format with 250 square pixels and in "High-resolution" format with 1000 square pixels.

The two formats are intended for different uses.

The first 250 pixel format allows interaction with the cameras of the most modern mobile phones and facilitates the dissemination in electronic format.

The second format of 1000 pixels is designed for responsible printing * on physical objects and allows interaction with them through QR Code readers.

* Use the printing of these codes responsibly so as not to distort the purpose of our service.

44 share

Share them easily on social networks

Share them easily through your mobile device's native card sharing function that appears on your screen.

The card information is automatically processed with a summary and the associated input image.

In addition to the native functions, you can also copy or enter the URL address of your card that will be processed according to your social network settings and application.

* To maintain a reduced size, our Web App is "socially neutral" and utilizes the native functions of your operating system and / or browser.

45 games

Works on modern game consoles and web browser multimedia devices

This may not occur to you, but the age of console gamers is not restricted to younger users. There is a whole generation of adults who are adept at these home entertainment devices and are rapidly using them to replace their mobile phone.

Similarly to "couch browser users", capture the attention of more mature players with the adaptive, interoperable format of our microapplication.

* Newer multimedia devices and consoles feature HTML5 technology browsers that allow you to access the Internet through your TV screen. Some of these even include voice recognition and virtual assistant search.

46 pages

Use "targeted advertising" like on a regular website

Make a responsible advertising campaign.

Spread the word in a public space and incorporate a QR code or NFC sticker that redirects your target users directly to the URL address of one of your cards.

Or if you prefer, advertise in the local paper. Press ads also send users to your Internet space, often in mobility.

Make use of mobile networks and offer a fast browsing experience to users who are - for example - on a terrace, on their beach towel, in an office or traveling on public transport.

47 zoom_out_map

Our Individual Version is a great solution for domain registration saturation

Cases where the exact name of your activity is already legally registered as an Internet domain are frequent. The exact name is held by another person or entity without violating any existing rule set by domain management entities.

Our individual version also allows you to find a relevant address that is only preceded by the words "blipcard.eu" or "cartao.eu". While not guaranteed, the likelihood of finding your preferred name is much greater than the likelihood of finding an available internet domain of the same name.

* Our addresses are subject to terms of use and may be temporarily changed or suspended if they violate the intellectual and / or legal property of others.

48 eco

We don't use a real-time or online database.

Blipcard® and Cartão de Negócio® use neither an online database nor a real-time database.

This feature aims to reduce the energy resources needed to process the information associated with the cards.

* The database is stored in offline format and we only publish the "code output" of the cards in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS format.

49 sim_card

Android® system and Apple iOS® system

The overwhelming majority of smartphones on the market run one of these two mobile operating systems. Blipcard® and Cartão de Negócio work perfectly on these devices and even use some of the native functions of their default browsers.

These native functions include commands as diverse as social sharing, GPS-based route routing, fast chat sharing, email messaging, or radio frequency contact contact transmission (NFC), among others.

The choice of web browsers in proprietary application stores is wide, and our solution works on all of them when HTML5, CSS and JavaScript are supported.

50 radio_button_checked

Compatible with Windows Phone 8.1® and Windows Mobile 10®

Our solution continues to be compatible with these operating systems developed by Microsoft®.

Limited support includes Nokia® and Microsoft® Lumia® generation smartphones from other manufacturers that have also invested in this segment and the Windows Phone 8.1® and Windows Mobile 10® operating systems..

51 explore

Still compatible with Internet Explorer 11®

In 2020 we continue to support Internet Explorer 11®. The browser is still supported by Microsoft® so at the moment it makes sense to also keep our cards compatible with this web browser.

* Official information about the end of "life cycle" of this Internet browser: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17454/lifecycle-faq-internet-explorer

52 blur_circular

Works on devices running the Android (Go Edition)® system

Our cards use very little RAM and are compatible with the new emerging-market operating system and low-cost equipment.

This function is particularly useful in countries where the purchasing power of their citizens seriously limits and constrains the purchase of medium and high range equipment.

* More information about this Google® operating system can be found at: https://www.android.com/versions/go-edition/

53 priority_high

Information on screen when JavaScript features are disabled

In previous versions our micro-application allowed access to the back and interaction with your interactive data, even when JavaScript technology was disabled on the devices.

In the new version we have disabled this option to avoid double indexing of URI content. Instead of the previous functionality, users will be presented with visual information to enable JavaScript to access their contacts and the reverse side of your card.

54 timer

Available 24 hours a day*

The availability of our contracted servers providers is 99.95%* to ensure the daily availability of cards for a period of 24 hours.

During the seven days of the week, we have contractualized with our supplier a theoretical maximum loss of 5 minutes per week of connection time to the server.*

* Note that server availability may vary in abnormal situations or factors outside its normal functioning. If you are affected please contact us.

55 euro_symbol

Forget the extra costs of last-minute changes

Don't be concerned about changes to your card details. Blipcard® and Cartão de Negócio® allows you to make changes as you wish.

Depending on your subscription, each user is entitled to one, three or five free monthly changes.

The alteration of rooks, the "reversion of information" and / or the correction of spelling errors are free and not counted in the number of monthly changes.

In comparison with with traditional cards, free changes allow you to protect your investment against a printing error, changing contacts or the existence of inaccuracies in printing on paper, among others.

56 filter_1 filter_3 filter_5

Free monthly changes

Our different versions include one, three or five free changes per month (depending on your subscription).

Individual Version » 1 monthly change.

PRO Version » 3 monthly changes.

PRO (Domain Connect) » 5 monthly changes.

Change orders can be made at any time by email, taking between one and two business days to be processed. In turn, changes take less than 24 hours to be implemented and can be reversed at any time, if the customer so wishes.

* If your activity follows a method of information rotation greater than three or five changes per month, you can consult us so that we can present a solution adapted to that specificity. We also have extras available for this feature.

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Encrypted connection certificate

Our solution uses an SSL certificate to encrypt all data in transit over HTTPS.

The use of encryption is widely recommended and ensures a higher than normal level of privacy in publicly accessible spaces.

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Vouchers & Promotional Offers

We fully believe that our solution can bring added value to your business and, to the detriment of the trial period, we have now awarded a Pulsaris gift card and a discount for purchasing ESET® security solutions.

Individual Version » ESET® 5.0% discount.

PRO Version » 2,50€ voucher and 7.5% ESET® discount.

PRO (Domain Connect) » 5,00€ voucher and 10.0% ESET® discount.

* Applicable terms of use; campaign under the exclusive responsibility of Pulsaris®.

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Future updates are assured

Although our service may display different versions and subscription formats in the future, users will always have access to the latest version of Blipcard®.

All features that are in new updates may be claimed by subscribers if those sames features are included in their subscription format.*

* There may be some exceptions where features are suppressed. When this happens, the subscriber may request a refund in credit or reimbursement of the value of the months missing till the end of the subscription.

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Reduced traffic consumption and little impact on your data ceiling

The ideal feature for roaming ceiling users with limited mobile Internet traffic or connection to a data-rate WiFi hotspot

A common situation when you are at an international airport, a hotel, an event or a professional conference.

Don't shy away from showing your digital business card.

The traffic generated individually per card is extremely low, being less than 600KB the first time and less than 100KB the second access with cached files.

The impact is minimal and in fact we have even just given an estimate above because in practice individual traffic is lower.

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Multilingual version at no additional cost

If you are at an international airport or a conference with non-native speaking professionals you will appreciate the fact that our cards are available in a multilingual version

One of the ideal examples is the Web Summit® event recently held in Portugal. Data and contact information are exchanged at breakneck speed and the fact that there are several participants with different nationalities does not make it easy to exchange business cards in paper or plastic.

Blipcard® and its "Blipcard Universal" function make it easy to solve these minor circumstantial problems.

Our business cards incorporate an interactive option called "Universal" that allows users to select a card in their native language. This, of course, if the subscriber chooses the appropriate foreign language set for the event.

* Included in PRO Version and PRO Version (Domain Connect).

** The previous "Individual Version" is now called "PRO Version" and costs the same amount as the previous one. The new "Individual Version", from July 2020, although more economical, has the multilingual format available only with a direct additive.

*** Multilingual versions are available for all official languages of the European Union plus Mandarin, Russian, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic and Japanese. You may also provide us with a free translation into any other language or dialect in the world.

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Simple and accessible management for adults of any age or literary level.

Our users do not need any level of digital literacy. Card management is performed without the use of a real-time SQL database and editing is done exclusively by Pulsaris.

If you are "uncomfortable" with the Internet or our user panel, you can alternatively manage your information via email, SMS, WhatsApp® or Facebook Messenger®.

To this end, you should have your data officially verified and / or associated directly with your subscription.

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Pay with Paypal®

We know that this is the most accepted form of payment in the World and we define this as the preferred means of payment of your annual subscription. It includes VISA and Mastercard acceptance.

We also have alternative payment methods such as Multibanco® (a well established portuguese service) or by interbank transfer for Portugal (IBAN / SWIFT data).

* Payments must be linked to your tax VAT ID (except when provided by law).

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We reward your loyalty!

Keep an eye on your first renewal.

We'll always look for our solution to be of your total approval and satisfaction throughout your first subscription period.

Loyalty from our customers is regularly rewarded with points or discounts that can be used on various Internet services, software subscriptions and other solutions provided by us.

Do you know reason 65?

Get three additional months of subscription*

If you find a different reason, please email us at support@blipcard.eu and we will add another three months free of charge to your first subscription.

* Valid only for "PRO Version", see our rates here.

Blipcard® – The ideal solution for professional and business activities.