Blipcard® is a portuguese hosting service for business cards stored in a electronic format with interactive functions and standardised device compatibility.

Available in Portugal since 2010, the solution is provided by Pulsaris® and allows you to overcome many of the limitations of cards printed on paper or plastic.

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Your business card in a small digital format.

More economical, more environmentally friendly and without the cost of printing on paper.


Individual Version

Free subscription.

Your essential information at a distance of a few seconds

Less 94.2% in total data transferred per page; 67.2% reduction in total page transfer time; one-tenth (90% less) of the total number of requests.*

* Analysis of @maryland on December 4th, 2019 through the GTmetrix® service.
(In 2023 we achieved scores of "A (100%) Performance" and "A (97%) Structure" via London, United Kingdom).

What is it and who is it for?

Blipcard® is an electronic business card hosting service with interactive features and advanced compatibility. The service has been continuously developed by Pulsaris® since 2010 and allows us to overcome many of the limitations of paper or plastic printed cards.

The service has as a fundamental principle the portability and interoperability of user data with as many internet access devices as possible. Its distinctive format allows Blipcard® to be used as a standalone, cross-platform application in virtually all HTML5-supported Internet browsers and JavaScript language.

An alternative to traditional cards

The service is a great alternative to traditional business cards as it has no space limit for content and incorporates interaction features with all your contact details.

Starting with a free subscription (€0.00/month)*, these arguments are almost enough on their own to make this an obvious choice when ordering traditional business cards printed on paper or plastic.

* Monthly value of a subscription for the Individual Version format (if not entitled to VAT exemption, current legal VAT rate is applied to all values shown); we're located in Lisbon (mainland Portugal) which has a 23.0% VAT rate at this current date.

No limitations on text and your contact details

Forget about the physical limitations that are typically presented by printing centers and traditional business cards. With our service this limit does not exist and you can add any number of contacts and electronic data that you could not usually put on a physical card.

As with traditional business cards, our cards also have "one front" and "one reverse side" where you can put all the text information you want. In the entry section you can also place a high-resolution original image with photographic quality to give a distinctive air to your professional activity.

Cartão de Maryland
Business card from A Luz Ideal

Reduced size and interoperability philosophy

The web application has an extremely small size (between 450KB to 600KB of data) and allows to incorporate the simplest interaction functions in an adaptive visual format interactive micro-website.

The interoperability of our service is a very important feature and since our very beginning that the cards can be accessed using only just an Internet browser. Browsers are present in virtually all operating systems that allow access to the World Wide Web and this is how since 2010 we have remained at the forefront, without resorting to proprietary application stores.

In addition, since February 2018 we have been using almost entirely an open-source format framework* that enables simplified and more efficient access to all our cards, regardless of their format. The conversion was performed relatively easily considering the exclusive use of JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 language and now also offers other security conditions against the updates in the JavaScript frameworks.

* We've started using Bootstrap® from Twitter Inc.® as a development framework and we are now partially subject to an MIT and CC BY 3.0 license (see our terms of service).

Forget proprietary store apps

Blipcard® does not require the installation of a dedicated application because it works just like a website. Your web browser is enough to access from any access point located around the world.

Use open-source code

Access is thus universal and guaranteed to millions of users. Thus, as these find you on the Internet your visitors can quickly view and interact with all the information that is displayed on the card.

Your cards work just like an interactive website that automatically adapts to your visitors' device screens. Adaptive visual format features ensure that they are displayed according to the screen resolution and physical aspect ratio of their users' devices.

Business card of a book about celiac disease

80mm x 40mm

Physical version foldable in half (4cm x 4cm) with a reduction of 31.6% of printed area.

85mm x 55mm

Traditional physical version (8.5cm x 5.5cm) for printing on paper.

Digital Version

Business card of CarlStat

Indexable electronic format with standard interactivity and compatibility functions.

Recycle your old cards

Replace your old business cards with our own and enjoy various special conditions of use on the Internet.

Blipcard® is a solution created in Portugal and continuously developed by Pulsaris since 2010. Since its inception, the solution has been a useful tool for the dissemination of professional and business activities.

Business cards on the Internet

Our solution allows you to store online all the information on your old business cards and add much more relevant information.

Our service reflects a reality that was already guessed in 2009, when we published the first experimental version of Blipcard as "Cartão de Negócio®".

That reality was the advent of Mobility.

The versatility of a mobile website

Our cards work just like a website that automatically adapts to your visitors' device screens.

Adaptive visual format features ensure that they are displayed according to screen resolution and the physical proportions of their users' devices.

We ensure viewing on small screens (mobile phones, smartphones), medium screens (tablets), large screens (laptops, desktops, game consoles) and "large" screens (HD TVs, 4K TVs, movie projectors).*

* Virtual reality devices may have a limited experimental support.

"Front" and "reverse" layout

Our format simulates a sheet of paper presenting a front and a reverse side that is accessible from a menu presented to its users at the top right.

Unlike a sheet of paper, our users benefit from virtually unlimited space to place the URI links and text content they want.

Adding interactive information (URI) and text that can occupy several dozen sheets of A4 paper has no significant impact on the loading time of our cards.

Low-sized application

The application has an extremely small size (between 450KB to 600KB of data*) and allows you to incorporate various interaction functions arranged on an adaptive visual format website.

* Approximate size (always smaller than a 1.44MB floppy disk). Our users are able to add larger files to their briefcase.

Multilingual format with "Blipcard Universal"

The "Blipcard Universal" function allows you to use and subscribe multiple foreign languages at the same time, something you could not achieve on a limited space physical card. With one click or one tap on the "universal" interactive button your visitors have access to the languages you incorporated in your card. At the moment we have available in "" and "" all official languages of the European Union plus Mandarin, Russian, Hindi, Arabic and Japanese.

* This feature is particularly useful at international conferences or when in transit at an airport, for example.

Ad-free service on all your cards

The existing space on your card is yours during the subscription period so it would not make sense to appear an advertising space where other businesses are disclosed, some of which could even compete with your own business. Rest assured, in our service we do not incorporate advertising into the space of your cards.

Moreover, if you cancel your subscription we will quickly remove the data from your card so that it is no longer available for indexing on the Internet. Please note, however, that this act does not cover the removal of information from search engines or other services that are unrelated to us.

* The value of your subscription is the main source of revenue and monetization of the space you use through our service.

Optimization for Web Search Engines

Our "cards" are programmed with HTML5 and JavaScript language like all websites that are regularly developed by Pulsaris®. The development team as World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards as a main reference and follows all recommendations recommended by the most popular web search engines.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to provide the correct indexing and categorization by search providers. The use of this methodology is extremely beneficial for all our users as this is a crucial element in the effective dissemination of their internet activity.

Keep in mind that our strategy is long term so we don't use obscure projection techniques for your Internet space. Text content is very important so you should prepare all relevant information and your original texts with special attention and dedication.

Blipcard® – The ideal solution for professional and business activities.

It can be greener and less wasteful of inorganic material

Use this service as a supplement or even a substitute for printing on paper or plastic. With the virtually unlimited amount of cards and the total storage capacity of our service, the ecological footprint and inherent pollution could be significantly reduced compared to the traditional physical format.

Further, a physical card must always necessarily be handed to someone. Not moving back and forth results in fewer car journeys and less waste of physical material that is forever stored "in the corner".

Imagine that, in another example, at a international conference you leave about 250 cards on a stand so that they can be withdrawn and that they were all lifted at the end of the day of disclosure of your professional activity.

Do you know how much material you ended up using later that day?

Correct, you ended up using more than 1m² of printed paper or plastic, but...

Add to that the monetary cost of your physical cards, an undetermined amount of printing ink, an unspecified amount of electricity that was used during the production of your printed paper or plastic cards, your travels and the suppliers from the printing centre. Multiply now by the number of people who did exactly the same thing you did.

A daily use of Blipcard® is naturally more economically and certainly greener than the amount of cards you will print within 365 days, if this amount is higher than your subscription value.*

* This is not necessarily valid if your annual physical card impressions spending is less than the value of your subscription.

The European Green Deal

"The European Green Deal sets out how to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, boosting the economy, improving people's health and quality of life, caring for nature, and leaving no one behind"

European Digital Initiative

The European Union has always assumed itself as a precursor to sustainable development and as a guarantee of the security of its citizens' rights. European Union entities are an active part of "digital integration" and encourage the use of new technologies to create employment and business opportunities among the 447 million people residing within their borders.

* Information for the context of our digital offer in the European Union market (Digital Single Market). You should consult the official communication channels of the European Union located at: for detailed knowledge of the official incentives and initiatives developed for "European digital integration".

Digital economy and society statistics

Widespread and affordable broadband access is one of the means of promoting a knowledge-based and informed society. Broadband was by far the most common form of internet access in all EU Member States: it was used by 86 % of the households in the EU-28 in 2018...

... use of the internet while on the move, in other words when away from home or work, for example, using the internet on a portable computer or handheld device via a mobile or wireless connection. The figure compares 2013 data, when 43 % of individuals aged 16 to 74 within the EU-28 used a mobile device to connect to the internet, with 2018 data, by which time this share had risen to 69 %.

The most common mobile devices for internet connections were mobile or smart phones, laptops, and tablet computers.