Maryland - Art & Design - Ericeira, Portugal

Maryland - Art & Design - Ericeira, Portugal

Vintage, Shabby Chic, Decor and home art

Maryland Art & Design is a unique space in the quiet and quiet village of Ericeira where you can find the unique pieces to spoil you and your home. Travel in time and discover the world Vintage and Shabby Chic by the hands of the portuguese designer Mariana Trigo.

Magnificent aromas for your home

Who does not recall the sweet fragrance that ran in the corridors of Grandma's house? The scent that came from the vacation beach house, in the morning? From fresh sheets to hot summer nights. From the smell of your grandfather's knitted coat, which warmed our backs as we watched the sky of the star-studded village...

Maryland has been betting on home and body scents. Special aromas, from special brands, including Portuguese tradicional producers and creators, to the most exquisite European fragrances, with a particular selection from France.

For us, the fragrances are not just a "simple aroma"... Each note of each scent tells unique story. At least here, we believe so. Over time we can forget how that storybook ends, or how the hat I wore on the day of your wedding was after all ... but the aromas, those are forever!

"The fragrance of my grandmother's perfume" ... "That sweet perfume!" ... "The fragrance of my childhoow playschool" ... this is what we like to hear ... Give your house a virtous soul. Give it a beautiful story ;) With all our

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Rua do Caldeira 37A,
2655-249 Ericeira, Portugal

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Art Shop and home decoration.

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