A Luz Ideal Caffé - Lisbon, Portugal

A Luz Ideal Caffé

Coffee shop, picnics and healthy meals in the city of Lisbon

New things must not happen just by the river, in Baixa, downtown Lisbon. They also happen further to the North, in less photogenic streets where tourists only show up from time to time, when there's a Champions League' game at Estadio da Luz*. Even if more slowly, also here things are changing. A new kind of neighbourhood seems possible: a friendlier one, more like what a neighbourhood should be.

In a 60 years old corner — reminiscent of a time when buildings were scarce and the main street (Estrada da Luz) was still a quiet road between farms — we found the perfect spot to do what we thought was missing: a nice, cosy café, local as well as global, of the bairro (neighbourhood) and of the world.

We called it like this — A Luz Ideal (meaning the ideal light) — because of its big windows and all the light that gets in; because of Estrada da Luz as we think it could be (less as a fast highway, and more like nice avenue), and because of these buildings' architecture, a modernist vision of an ideal Luz neighbourhood.

A Luz Ideal is a café with big windows with a view to the neighbourhood we dream of. A Luz Ideal is the light that gets in.

*the SL Benfica stadium, known in English as Stadium of Light.

Street Address:
Rua General Schiappa Monteiro 2A,
1600-155 Lisbon, Portugal

Commercial activity:
Coffee shop (Caffé), breakfast, brunch and healthy meals.

Business hours:
View opening hours.

Payment options:
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Homemade food, simple, light and unpretentious

On "A Luz Ideal" we make delicious menus (based on natural ingredients) that challenge the palate of our visitors every day.

Mondays to Saturdays

In all the lunches we always have a soup and two dishes of the day, being one of them vegetarian.

Every day we serve homemade cakes, the lemon cake being the most popular among our visitors. Homemade drinks also delight our customers. We serve different cold teas (some with herbs from the vegetable garden of Bensaúde), natural juice, lemonade and other refreshments familiar to our palate.

Brunchs in Lisbon

On Saturday we serve the famous big-breakfasts for those who have enjoyed a long evening among friends or for those who want to start the weekend with the right meal. Sports enthusiasts also love the breakfasts that allow you to get the ideal yield in the morning.

Please note that in August we do not serve brunchs because we are closed at the weekend. Even so, the fine lunches throughout the week remain.

Orders for picnics

New! Every day we can pack you several of these delights in a beautiful picnic basket. Place your order and take with you the ideal light for moments between friends and family.

Daily menus are presented on our Facebook® page.