AssisLift - Assistance and maintenance of elevators (lifts)

AssisLift - Assistance, servicing and lift maintenance (elevators)

Assislift is a company dedicated to the servicing, maintenance, repair and modernization of lifts. Our company has professionals with accumulated experience of over 30 years in various areas associated with elevator technology.

We're focused on the quality of all the services we provide. The response speed is a key part of our own customer satisfaction policy and that's why we have a permanent service for resolving incidents and problems outside normal hours.

We use original parts for elevator repairs and high quality materials for our service. We make a careful selection when upgrading equipment to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability. Our human resources have a high level of training and competence, which are in accordance with our quality standards and requirements.

We comply with all applicable safety regulations and guarantee high availability and reliability of all our equipment.

24-Hour Assistance

We have a permanent technical team ready to respond to urgent situations. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Commercial activity:
Servicing, maintenance, repair and modernization of lifts (elevators).

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Permanent service, 24-hour service.

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Our company

Assislift is a reference company that gives priority to a trinomial of safety, quality and price. We have developed a culture of sustained growth among our customers, employees and suppliers.


All mechanical equipment is subject to fatigue. Does your lift show any signs of aging? Frequent malfunctions? Do not you feel safe anymore? Does it present risks to the user? So it's time to be modernized, either in a partial or total way.

Why is it necessary to modernize the lift?

The lift is an important part of your building and its proper functioning is indispensable for your comfort and convenience.

We highlight some items of high importance that should be considered when choosing to modernize the lift:

The traction machine

Responsible for the up and down movement of the lift, the present machines are manufactured with modern technology in materials and manufacturing processes that guarantee a greater reliability, safety and life.

Control panel

It is the brain of the elevator, the current controls use microprocessor systems, presenting numerous advantages when compared with the old electromechanical systems like, reduction of the energy consumptions up to 40%, comfort and comfort in the starts and stops, with or without passengers.

Speed Limiter

The speed limiter is one of the most important components with regard to user safety. The speed limiter is the system that actuates the emergency stop of the cab when it exceeds the established speed limit, this equipment due to its importance in terms of safety, can not be subject to repair or any other change in its operating characteristics.


In the elevators, not only the beauty, the modernization of the landing and cabinets, it improves your information to the user, besides increasing the safety and functionality, without losing sight of the beauty and aesthetics and the valuation of the environment.


Assislift offers its customers solutions to extend the life of the equipment. With the support of a team of specialized technicians, it is possible to adapt and install new products to renew the interior design of the cabins and provide even more comfort, confidence and tranquility.